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Prayer for Utah being a state of Worship


Utah: Navajo meaning “upper” or after the Ute tribe

Statehood: January 4, 1896 (45th state)

Familiar Name: The Beehive State

Motto: Industry

50-State Tour by Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets, February 16-17, 2004

Chuck Pierce prophesied "a different sound will come from Utah that will begin to penetrate through the entire nation... It will be an unlocking sound, the sound of harvest coming to Utah.” Strategic worship will release this sound which will come forth to break the veil…There are four areas that are critical for spiritual breakthrough in our state. They are redemptive purposes God has given to this land: prophetic blessing, evangelistic blessing, the restoration of women, and prosperity.”

Lord, Your people have been gathering across the state to seek Your face, to worship You, to repent, and to pray. We join in unity as the Bride of Christ asking for Your redemptive purposes to be released in the lives of Your people in this state and to the ends of the earth. We pray to be a people who are able to host Your Presence so we may...

Be a place of training and freedom for prophets and for those seeking the prophetic gifts in order to equip Your people to be a blessing to others as they bring forth a fresh word from you God.

Be a life-giving and prosperous place for the discipleship and commissioning of believers called to evangelism and missions. We pray this would be taken into our homes, communities, to our state, our nation and to ends of the earth.

Be a place of restoration for women which releases women into the full potential of their giftings and allows them to operate in those giftings according to the authority the Lord has given them. Lord, we pray for room in the body of Christ for women to be released fully into their destiny.

Be a fertile land which produces prosperity in the land and its inhabitants. We pray this blesses the people who live in Utah and blesses people beyond the boundaries of this state with the prosperity that comes from Your heart to Your people.

Lord, we ask for the fulfillment of your Divine destiny upon the state of Utah and its inhabitants so we may be a blessing for Your Kingdom restoration upon the earth.

In the precious name of Jesus, we pray. AMEN

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